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Michael Hales is a timeshare attorney who has assisted hundreds of clients seeking to cancel their timeshare contracts. If you desire to cancel your timeshare ownership, contact attorney Michael Hales.

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Timeshare law largely involves the cancellation of timeshare contracts. For numerous reasons, timeshare ownership can become burdensome when travel become less feasible. Attorney Michael Hales has worked in the timeshare arena for 5 years and understands the legal issues surrounding timeshare ownership and cancellation. He has published on the issues surrounding timeshare law and has even appeared on Local New 8 to discuss timeshare cancellation scams.  

In contrast to the numerous upfront fee scams, we do not charge fees until we have achieved the work you ask us to do. Retaining an attorney is also advisable because attorneys are bound by ethical and legal obligations imposed by state bar associations and because you are protected by the attorney-client privilege. Moreover, only an attorney can give legal advice regarding contractual rights and obligations associated with your timeshare ownership.

A member of the Idaho and Florida bar, Mr. Hales has represented hundreds of timeshare owners, successfully cancelling their timeshare ownership interests. He also advises clients on estate planning issues surrounding timeshare properties, negotiates modifications to timeshare ownership, and reviews potentially fraudulent solicitations received by timeshare owners.

our timeshare cancellation process

Once you contact us, either through this website or via telephone, I will be in touch to discuss your needs and determine if yours is a case I can take. If so, you can expect the following:

  1. I will first send you an engagement letter outlining my representation of you. After reviewing it, please sign and return a copy to me.
  2. Along with your signed engagement letter, please email me a copy of your original timeshare purchase agreement, financing documents (if any), the most recent maintenance fee bill, correspondence between you and the timeshare resort (if any), and anything else you think would be helpful for me to see.
  3. Once I receive these items, I will review them all and conference with you either via conference or telephone to get additional information I may require.
  4. At this point, I will contact the timeshare resort/management company on your behalf and negotiate a cancellation. When we receive the desired outcome, I will invoice your for my services and send you the requisite cancellation documents for your signature. Once these documents are returned,  you are no longer a timeshare owner and we will close your file.

timeshare scam red flags

Although there are countless timeshare cancellation scams, they do follow similar patters. Please beware of any services that involve the following.

  1. Upfront fees. This is by far the biggest red flag. If any company requests that you pay them an amount prior to confirmation that your timeshare has been cancelled, it is likely a scam. Some companies claim that they have a money-back guarantee, but this is simply a ploy to keep your money indefinitely while they claim to continue work on your case.
  2. Guarantees. Because every case is different, legitimate companies and law firms will never guarantee a specific result. Not only is it reckless, but it is unethical.
  3. Non-attorneys Giving Legal Advice. Timeshare cancellation requires an understanding of state laws, contracts, credit reporting laws, and negotiation. Do not trust just any company you find on the Internet to understand these complex issues. For this very reason, many scam companies strive to appear as law firms on the internet: they’ll claim to be a “firm,” put legal icons (i.e., legal scales) on their websites, and make frequent use of the word “legal.” Not only is this deceptive, but it is often unlawful under state laws regarding the unauthorized practice of law.
  4. Use of Virtual Offices. Google the address of the company requesting your money to cancel a timeshare. Often, you’ll see that this is a DaVinci or Regus Virtual Office, meaning no one is actually there. Other times, you’ll find that the company is working out of a storage unit or private home. These are likely non-established businesses you should avoid.
  5. High Cost. Surprisingly, most timeshare exit companies are more expensive than retaining a licensed attorney.

For these reasons, it is vitally important to discuss your matter with a qualified timeshare attorney. You can read additional information on timeshare scams by reading Michael's published article entitled, "Timeshare Law: A Primer for Idaho Attorneys."


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